Emergency lights and signs supplier in Malaysia

Loss of mains electricity can have catastrophic effects. Unexpected darkness can lead to possible physical injuries or panic. This is where our emergency lights initiate automatically, to provide enough illumination for safe and efficient evacuation of the premises.

We specialize in supply and installation of various types of emergency lights and signs in Malaysia. Our product range includes cost-effective, energy efficient emergency lights and emergency exit/keluar signs and emergency power packs.

With over 30 years of experience in delivering emergency lights in Malaysia

We have built a strong brand name being one of the most reliable suppliers of emergency lightings in Malaysia over the last 30 years. Our emergency lightings fully comply the current building regulations of BOMBA and SIRIM. You can download all relevant BOMBA and SIRIM certificates at our Download Center.

In addition to offering quality products at competitive prices, we offer reliable technical expertise and assistance. If you require assistance with maintenance or installation of your emergency lightings, please contact us for more information. Our professionals are on hand to give you expert advice at any time.

For extended peace of mind, we recently also extended our warranty period for the full range of emergency lights and signs to 24 months from the date of delivery.

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