Recess Bulkhead LED Emergency Light




This recess bulkhead LED emergency light is suitable mainly for internal applications. The recessing kit provided is designed to allow the unit to be easily fitted into the ceiling tiles. This product is available in both prismatic acrylic and polycarbonate diffuser.

The TRE208LR bulkhead is fitted with a prismatic acrylic diffuser, which disperses less intense throw of light. This makes this light more suitable for decorative prestigious locations, such as installations in hotels and restaurants.

TRE208LR-PC bulkhead with polycarbonate diffuser is most suitable for installation in corridors and landings as the light provides a glowing light coverage.

Manufactured in Malaysia, this light fully complies with Bomba and Sirim regulations.

  • Lamp Used: 12 X 0.2W SMD LED

  • Product Dimension: L400mm x W190mm x H104mm

  • Battery Type: 4.8V 900mAh Ni-Cd battery

  • Rated Duration: 3 hours

  • Diffuser: Prismatic Acrylic/Polycarbonate

  • Mounting: Wall or ceiling mounting

  • Warranty: 24 months from the date of delivery