ALCAD Vantage Range


Vantage battery packs offer the most cost-effective and reliable source of stored energy for critical industrial and commercial applications


Ultra Low Maintenance Batteries with a capacity range of 8Ah – 850 Ah

Vantage, the ultra low maintenance battery is first in line when trouble-free reliability in stored power is required for the most exacting industrial and commercial applications. Vantage can supply power for 20 years or more thanks to its corrosion-free construction and Alcad’s tried and tested pocket plate technology. This means no physical plate degradation and no more sudden death with resulting costly downtime. Alcad brings together electromechanical technology and construction expertise to offer you the most cost-effective power pack in the world today.

  • No topping-up

  • Up to 20 years' life

  • Reliable operation up to +40°C (+104°F)

  • Ultra high reliability

  • High resistance to electrical abuse