ALCAD Vantex New Generation


Choose this range for challenging stationary industrial back-up power applications, where it combines maintenance-free operation, maximum reliability, easy handling and use, and cost savings


Maintenance-free Ni-Cd batteries for back-up duties, with a capacity range of 15 Ah – 1700 Ah – available in L and M type

Vantex New Generation is the maintenance–free (no water addition under recommended operating conditions) solution for stationary industrial backup power installations that require a battery to deliver exceptional performance, while operating for long periods at high ambient temperatures, to provide an optimal TCO (total cost of ownership). Typical applications include the utility and oil and gas industries, switching substations and in other remote locations where access for battery maintenance can be difficult, hazardous and expensive.

  • Very low gas emission

  • Storage filled with electrolyte and charged up to 2 years

  • Easy to handle, easy to use

  • Very good charge ability

  • Long life, reliable operation up to + 40°C (+104°F)

  • Maintenance-free (with no water addition under recommended operating conditions)

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