Renewable Clean Power

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JSB Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries are manufactured with the latest Absorbent Glass Mat Technology (AGM). Battery Plates Electrodes are based on Grid Plate Design consisting of high quality Lead Calcium Alloy. Utilizing a new generation of Low Pressure Valve Vent enables higher internal gas recombination efficiency (99%). Battery Case materials are made of ABS plastic with Flame Retardant. Application range includes PBX systems, UPS systems, ECR systems, security systems, fire alarms, medical equipment, PA systems and emergency lightning.


  • Nominal capacity 7.2 ~200AH (ensure max battery life & performance)

  • 3 to 10 years design life at 25oC ambient temperature

  • 12 Volts Block Battery

  • Grid Plate

  • Maintenance free (no topping required)

  • Completely recyclable

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