Emergency Power Pack




JM emergency power pack is a battery-operated emergency lighting gear for fluorescent lamps. During a power outage, PP40WFCB will switch on the fluorescent lamp automatically. With a proper application, this emergency ballast is a cost effective solution for office, retail and residential lighting backups.

In the event of a power failure, the emergency power pack switches to emergency mode and operates one or two of the existing lamps for around 3 hours. Each emergency power pack contains a battery, charger and inverter circuit in a single durable steel housing.

  • Lamp Used: Fluorescent Tube 18 watt or 36 watt

  • Product Dimension: L215 X W40 X H35 mm 

  • Battery Type: Maintenance free high temperature Nickel Metal (Ni-MH) battery, 4.8V to 7.2V, 4.0AH

  • Rated Duration: 3 Hours

  • Warranty: 12 months from the date of delivery