Unmatched, high reliability dryfit gel technology

The Sonnenschein A400 range is a reference for energy storage with proven reliability in many installations worldwide. The success of A400 batteries comes from the superior dryfit technology, available in a wide range of models to provide a solution for every power need. 

  • Nominal capacity 5.50 - 180 Ah C10

  • Exceptional energy storage capacity combined with long life

  • Thick grid plates with high quality lead calcium alloy, for enhanced corrosion resistance and stability (-40 to 65oC)

  • Very low gassing due to the internal gas recombination

  • Design life: “12 years and longer – Long Life” according to EUROBAT classifi cation

  • Shelf life up to 2 years at 20°C without recharge due to the very low self discharge rate

  • Designed in accordance with IEC 60896-21/-22 (over 500 charge-discharge cycles)

  • Trouble-free transport of operational blocks, no restrictions for rail, road, sea and air transportation (IATA, DGR, clause A67) (over 500 charge-discharge cycles)

  • Approval: UL (Underwriter Laboratories) (over 500 charge-discharge cycles)

  • Manufactured in Europe in ISO 9001 certified production plants

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