Effective emergency lightning systems provide you with the fastest, panic-free evacuation during electrical power failure, fires, weather hazards or other emergency situations. But not all emergency lights are created the same. Due to many advantages, LED emergency lights are becoming the top choice for emergency lights.

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Advantages of LED emergency lights

  • Energy efficiency

LED emergency lights are more energy efficient compared with equivalent fluorescents and incandescent lights. This is due to the fact that LED lights produce less heat. LED lights also draw much less power than traditional lighting.

  • Long life span

The life span of LED emergency lights are 6 times longer compared with other types of traditional lighting. This consequently add to the environmental value to the use of LED lights, because it means lower carbon emission. From a user perspective, this also means reduced requirement of frequent changes of the lights.

  • Brightness

LED emergency lights are much brighter than other kinds of light. Typical 84 watt fluorescent light can be replaced by a 36 watt LED light and give the same level of illumination. Therefore, LEDs are the best to use in evacuation in a event of emergency situation.

  • Visually pleasing, space-efficient and robust

LED emergency lights malaysia

This photo was taken at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia. Jumbohan Marketing is the supplier for the LED emergency lights and signs for this project.

  • Environmental friendly

Other than energy saving, LED Emergency lights also are less toxic because they do not contain mercury.

We are the supplier of LED emergency lighting products in Malaysia with a full range of emergency lights and signs to meet the future requirements for high efficiency and environmental friendly demands. 

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