The most common question we get from our customers in Malaysia is about the difference of maintained and non-maintained emergency light fittings.

Non-maintained emergency lights are made for use in emergency situations only. These lights are designed to turn on in an event of a power failure, illuminating the exit routes of the premises. They are normally switched off, but the batteries are constantly being charged. The LED light of the battery is green, which shows that the battery is fully charged.

On the other side, the maintained emergency light fittings operate as a normal light, same as all the other lights at the premises. The only difference is that the maintained emergency light will continue to operate during power failure as well, but at a lower illumination level.

 Which emergency light fittings should you use?

We cant say that one fitting is better than he other. For instance, the escape route area need only non-maintained emergency lights. On the other hand, the communal area usually have maintained e-lights that will be used during the normal day as well as during power failure.

At Jumbohan Marketing we provide both, maintained and non-maintained emergency light fittings, according to the individual need of each customer. For more information you can call us at +603 6189 0909 or go to Contact us.